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Academic Integrity Tutorial

Academic Integrity

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This PowerPoint tutorial is designed to help students understand and use correct citation and paraphrasing in academic writing and to help students identify what is appropriate student-to-student help. The tutorial and related quiz are available to UMBC faculty members who may freely adapt both for use in their classes without further permissions.

To use the tutorial:
  1. Open this PowerPoint attachment (right-click and save if necessary):
  2. Review the content to confirm that it is appropriate for your class and your discipline. You may modify the tutorial as needed.
  3. Post the tutorial to your course Blackboard site.
  4. Include an assignment in your syllabus for students to complete the tutorial.
If you choose to use the related quiz:
  1. Right-click and save this .zip file on your computer:
  2. Watch the attached video and follow the steps to load the quiz to BlackBoard and link it to your grade book.
  3. Review the content of the quiz to confirm that it is appropriate for your class and your discipline. You may modify the quiz as needed.
  4. If you experience difficulty in loading and using the quiz, contact the Help Desk at 5-3838.
  5. Give your students a deadline for completing the quiz. What works for some faculty members is to require students to retake the quiz until they score 100%. Limiting the maximum number of attempts to five will be sufficient for most students to master the material. Those few students who cannot pass after five attempts usually have fundamental misconceptions about the material that will require one-on-one instruction.